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Job Ref.:

Job Title: Student Assistant with Dr. Remah

Duration: 20per week

Salary / Package: 35

Sector: Office

Branch Campus: Faculty of Islamic Studies, Doha

Basic salary range: 35 QR/Hour

Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

  • Compiling publications and categorizing them in a presentable form.

  • Conducting research with selected keywords and forming a bibliography or annotated bibliography.

  • Thematising collected research under the guidance of the supervisor. Mapping the research literature.

  • Identifying gaps in the literature.

  • Exploring ‘not-available’ sources and informing the supervisor to submit a formal request to the library.

  • Summarizing selected key sources.

  • Critically examining issue areas relevant to research.

  • Identifying research questions that might be useful for the supervisor.

  • Prioritizing journal entries based on relevance, impact and date.

  • Communicating with /identifying other scholars to exchange sources and ideas.

  • Conducting proofreading and editing to existing publications.

  • Engaging in cross-reference checks.

  • Validating references and citations.

  • Providing ushering, organizational assistance during events.

  • Prepare invitations and communicating with guests (local and international).

  • Provide assistance in preparing travel/visa forms

Engaging in co-authorship

Qualifications required:

  • Competency in languages (identify/rank)

  • Writing/editing qualities

  • Experience in dealing with publishers and preparing camera-ready copies of manuscripts.

  • Verbal and communicational skills (acting as MC in events)

  • Ability to work with official documents.

  • Competency in official communication

  • Analytical skills in designing and executing research projects.

  • Artistic design skills, using adobe and other tools to prepare visuals.

Identification of student assistance needs (eg. Laptop, special database, fieldwork, interview etc.).

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