Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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Job Ref.: S19:00-020

Job Title: Pi Day Translator (Spring 2019)

Role: Assistance

Duration: 20

Salary / Package: 27

Sector: Office

Branch Campus: Carnegie Mellon University, Doha

Basic salary range: 27 QR/Hour

Job Type: Temporary/Contract

Job description:

The translator must translate accurately. By accurate translation, we understand a translation that preserves the meaning, style, and register of the source document. The translator must know his/her linguistic limitations and decline assignments that go beyond his/her skills and competence.

The translator must only accept assignments that he/she can complete and deliver in a timely manner (by the due date).

The translator should possess sound knowledge of the source language and be an expert in the target language.

The translator should accept translations only for fields or subject matters where he/she has knowledge and experience.

Qualifications required:

1- Excellent communication skills

2- Active student in several organizations or clubs.

3- Proficient in using Microsoft Office.

4- Strong understanding of Carnegie Mellon.

5- Strong understanding of majors offered.

6- Good academic standing.

7- Preferably a sophomore, junior, or senior.

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