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Job Ref.: QSIURP19: 00-003


Salary / Package: 35

Sector: Classroom

Branch Campus: Carnegie Mellon University, Doha

Basic salary range: 35 QR/Hour

Job Type: Temporary/Contract

Job description:

In order to be employed as an Undergraduate Course Assistant (UCA), a student must meet or exceed the requirements listed below:


· Have a cumulative QPA of at least 3.00

· Have passed the class they are supporting with a grade of “A” (sometimes students with a high “B” grade will be considered)

· Have a recent record of academic integrity

This position will benefit a student who wants to learn the material of the course(s) in greater depth, and who wishes to develop an understanding of the material that is suitable for explaining and teaching it to others. The UCA will gain a level of understanding of the material that goes well beyond what other successful students gain from the course.


The successful applicant for this position will demonstrate the ability to meet deadlines, pay careful attention to detail and to give accurate feedback on student learning in the course to faculty. They should also have strong interpersonal skills, be organized, have competency in the courses taught, and possess the ability to handle sensitive information in a professional manner. The UCA will gain experience in working in a professional environment where the UCA is expected to take directions regarding completion of work, meeting a deadline and finishing up to an expected standard.


The candidate for this position will also have the opportunity to develop some expertise in clear communication of material through interactions with the instructor and the other students taking the course, and to develop skill at managing group dynamics as he or she facilitates small group sessions.


Finally, the successful candidate will have the opportunity to interact with other students in a mentoring role and will have the opportunity to develop interpersonal and mentoring skills. They will also work closely with and develop a fuller relationship with faculty, which can greatly assist them later as they move into the professional world or pursue a graduate degree.

Qualifications required:

Openings: 1

Employment Dates: May 12 - July 25 (10 weeks)

Attend class to keep current on course assignments and material

· Operate video teleconference equipment

· Support the course website

· Maintain daily attendance records

· Obtain course materials from administrative assistant and distribute to class

· Serve as first line of communication for student inquiries

· Provide feedback to students on presentations and HW

· Keep up with readings and course material

· Hold weekly office hours

· Meet with professor each week

· Assist with objective grading

· Help instructor prepare for lectures

· Proctor exams (with faculty or staff, never alone)

Additional functions and responsibilities may be defined by the instructor as the course progresses. The total time commitment of a UCA varies according to the specific course and the instructor’s needs, but will never exceed 20 hours/week.

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