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Job Ref.: SC20: 00-001

Job Title: OCHEM 1 (09217)

Duration: 15

Sector: Classroom

Branch Campus: Carnegie Mellon University, Doha

Basic salary range: 40 QR/Hour

Job Type: Temporary/Contract

Job description:



· Convert structures drawn in existing problem sets (including homework, recitation, and in-class exercise materials) and lecture materials into ChemDraw files;

· Keep an organized file structure of ChemDraw files as they pertain to lecture materials and aforementioned problem sets;

· Assist the instructor in maintaining a file structure on Canvas by uploading materials into a pre agreed file structure;

· In liaison with the instructor, develop additional problem material for integration with agreed Canvas tools;

· Ensure that each topic (hosted in a shared space: Canvas and box)contains the required lecture and assessment materials, and reports any missing material in a timely fashion.

· Within reason, there may be smaller administrative duties that the candidate is asked to perform, but the number of hours of work assigned will not go above and beyond the 10-15 h range per week.


Qualifications required:


The ideal candidate should have taken 09217 and 09218 and will:

  • have scored above 85% in both courses, which demonstrates a good subject knowledge, particularly in 09217 – Organic Chemistry 1;
  • have some proficiency/awareness of using chemical drawing packages; this is not an essential requirement, provided the candidate is dedicated to a short training on their use to draw chemical structures;
  • have an experience of using Canvas from a TA’s perspective (not essential, provided some training via Zoom is accepted);
  • is diligent and has a keen eye for detail;
  • is proactive and seeks further instruction, or begins assigned tasks in a timely fashion without the further need for prompting;
  • have good communication skills and provides timely feedback on their work to their supervisor;
  • be able to demonstrate excellent IT skills.


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