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Job Ref.:

Job Title: Temp paid volunteer for research surveys

Start Date: 01/11/2022

Closing Date: 03/11/2022

Role: Researcher

Duration: 2 to 3 weeks

Sector: Others

Branch Campus: z-Others, Doha

Basic salary range: 30 QR/Hour

Job Type: Temporary/Contract

Job description:


User Experience Volunteer – Job Description


Position title: Qatar National Library Volunteer

Library Department: Qatar National Library HR department

Position type: Hourly

Payment: QAR 30 per hour

Maximum hours per volunteer: As per the university policy, not exceeding 60 hours in a month per student.

Requirements: QF University student, Dean’s College approval with the number of hours allowed to work mentioned.

Position timeline: Approx. a 2 to 3 weeks endeavor

Start date: Week 1 of November 2022

End date: Week 3 of November 2022 (before the world cup starts)


Position summary:

Volunteers will be responsible for interviewing visitors of the Qatar National Library and collecting survey data from these visitors by following a guided online survey about the visitor’s experience with the library. Prior to starting the surveys, the volunteers will undergo a short orientation brief by the concerned library department. The following requirements further elaborate on duties of the volunteers:

· All surveys are required to be attempted to ensure consistency in data gathering.

· Surveys will be scheduled during the weekends and during weekdays.

· A decent balance between different types of visitors would be required. Example: A volunteer should not attempt to only interview (families, or students). They must interview all types of visitors in order to gain different perspectives.

· Our primary survey tool will be available online and can be accessed on any table or smartphone using the library’s wireless internet connection.

· Volunteers must refrain from answering any technical or support questions related to the library in case a visitor asks. You must politely state your role and re-direct the visitor to address such questions to the library support desks/staff.

· An approved permission allowing you to volunteer, from your respective administrative or university body may be required depending on the requirement. Our HR will inform you of the steps once the volunteer is shortlisted/finalized.

· Some volunteers will be conducting specific ‘observation only’ research following guidelines provided by the library.


Skill requirements:

· Volunteers do not need prior experience but must be comfortable in intercepting visitors in a friendly manner and should be able to communicate effectively and effortlessly.

· Since the volunteers are required to interact with the guests of the library. Thus, strong demonstration of excellent customer service skills, and a friendly and respectful attitude is a must.

· Volunteers must be from within the Education City institutions.


Schedule requirements:

· Because the library has different types of visitors during weekends vs weekdays, the hours for collecting responses would need to be well balanced to meet this requirement.

· Volunteers will be informed about the visitor peak hours, and it is encouraged to conduct the interview surveys during these times to achieve maximum reach.

· Volunteers are expected to report 10 minutes before their scheduled shift and sign-in at the library’s information desk. A sign-out will also be required at the time of ending your hourly shift.

· Volunteers are free to decide how many hours they wish to put during any single day shift. The total project hours should not exceed 60 hours.


· All volunteers will be paid at a rate of QAR 30 per hour. Approved payments will be transferred directly to the volunteer’s nominated bank accounts based in Doha, Qatar.

· Volunteers are not allowed to work in excess of 60 hours during the duration of the entire project.

· Volunteers will receive a volunteer experience letter from the Qatar National Library for their volunteering project.


· Student volunteers should wear professional and culturally appropriate attire (ex: pants/dresses below knee level, arms covered, loose-fit clothing, etc.). Modest dress is encouraged.

· Wearing inappropriate head wear or sunglasses while on shift should be avoided.

· In general hair should be well-maintained; for men facial hair should be trimmed.



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Thank you

Qatar National Library




Qualifications required:

Mentioned in the JD

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